Connecting FeedBear to Intercom

Our Intercom app allows you to capture feedback directly from the chat widget. 

1. Connect your Intercom workspace

In your FeedBear project, go to Project Settings > Integrations and follow the link to connect your FeedBear project to your Intercom workspace.

You can also do this from the Intercom App Store itself, by searching for FeedBear and clicking the Install button.

2. Add FeedBear to your Messenger

In your Intercom Messenger settings, section Messenger home apps, click Add an app. FeedBear should be right at the top.

You'll need to choose a board (Feature requests? Bug reports?) and the option to customize the button title and text. 

💡 Tip: You can also include FeedBear in your conversations.

Additional recommendation

You decide if you want FeedBear to appear only to your registered users, only to anonymous visitors, or to both. As shown on the screenshot above, you need to add the app to each scenario separately.

We recommend using FeedBear widget only for identified Users. That way, you get the most relevant feedback. 

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