Use Zapier to create workflows with FeedBear

Zapier is an automation tool, it allows you to connect FeedBear to more than 1000 other web services, automating day-to-day tasks and creating workflows that integrate multiple apps, with no coding required.

Integrating FeedBear with Zapier

Before anything, you will need to register for a free Zapier account and request an invitation to the FeedBear App, you can send an email to [email protected] asking for access, just make sure to include the email that should be invited.

After registering, make sure to log in and you should be good to go!

To start, click on “Zaps” in your left sidebar, as you can see in the image below:

Now click the “Create Zap” button on the right area:

On the first step of your Zap creation, you will be prompted to select an app for your Trigger event, search for the “FeedBear” app and select it:

Now you will need to pick an event to be used as your trigger, you will be provided with a list with all the available events in this step, as you can see below:

The next step is to select your FeedBear account, if you haven’t connected your account yet you will be able to quickly connect it in this step:

You will then be requested to select the board that should be monitored for the events:

We are almost there! The FeedBear integration is now configured and you can test the trigger to make sure your data is being pulled correctly:

Now you will need to set up the action that should happen whenever your selected FeedBear Event is triggered, the configuration is very similar to what you have done so far but it will be specific to the app you select. You can for example create a card in Trello, send an email via Gmail, or use any of the over 1000 web services that Zapier integrates with:

Once you are done with setting up your actions, all you need to do is give a proper name to your Zap and enable it, as you can see below:

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