Using tags

Tags provide a way to organize posts within boards. Only admins can manage and see tags. 

Some examples of useful tags:

  • Customer segment (paying, free)
  • Responsible team (useful for "bugs" boards)
  • Estimate (quick, long-term, Q4 2019)
  • Part of your project (app, backend, DB)

Setting up tags

Tags are bound to a particular board. So your "Bug reports" tags won't appear in your "Feature requests" board.

To add a tag to a post, look for the panel in the sidebar.

There are no default tags, so input the tag you want to use. After that, you can reuse the same tag in another post.

The tags you use appear in the sidebar of the board page, where you can use them to filter posts.

To remove a tag, remove it from all posts in which it appears.

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