How to launch an Idea Board/Roadmap?

To fully utilize your idea board, you must proactively reach out to your audience, onboard them, and ask them to contribute ideas, requests, and suggestions. 

Here are a few tips to help you inform your audience:

  1. Header or footer site menu
    You can put a link to your feedback board in the top menu as a "Send feedback", “Feature requests” or a "Public roadmap" link whichever suits your needs best. This way, everyone visiting your website can see it and find their way in. 
  2. Support/Knowledge Base or FAQs
    Another good place to keep a link to your idea board is your support center. You could create a help page on how to make a feature request or on where to find your public roadmap.
  3. Email Signature
    Another great place for a link to your idea board is to add it to the email signature for all replies sent from your support or sales team.
  4. Social Channels
    To inform users about your new idea board, you can simply share a post on all of your active social media channels for broader outreach.
  5. Add a widget to your app
    One of the best ways to get people to share ideas and feedback is you add a feedback widget on specific or every page of your website. To know more about how you do it, click here
  6. Embed your roadmap in your app or website
    If you want people to stay on your website and still get access to your idea boards, roadmap, or the updates section, you can embed any of these in dedicated pages on your website. To know how to do it, click here.

Announcing your new FeedBear pages via email or social media

Your boards must be active for the best ideas to emerge. Your objective then is to make it known you’re now opening up a space for your users to participate and give their input.

An example of an announcement post can be 


We've recently launched a feedback board where we post our updates regularly. It's a good place to check for

  1. What are we planning to build next?
  2. Roadmap for the features and fixes already in the pipeline
  3. Everything that we've recently built and launched. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions, do post & comment. Let's grow together!"

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