Setting up a custom domain

How to set up a custom domain for your FeedBear project.

1. Add the domain to your FeedBear project

First, make sure to add your desired custom domain (i.e. to your FeedBear project settings.

2. Set up your DNS

Next, you need to point your custom domain to the FeedBear project by adding a CNAME record to your DNS settings.

For example CNAME of pointing to

If you're using Cloudflare, you don't need to use their proxy feature anymore. The orange cloud should be disabled (grey).

3. Now you can activate the domain in FeedBear

This will generate an SSL certificate for your custom domain.

4. Wait for the changes to propagate. This can take up to 24h, but usually no more than 1h.

⚠️ Notice for Cloudflare customers

Cloudflare's Rocket Loader can interfere with the proper loading of FeedBear's necessary scripts.
If you encounter problems with rendering on your custom domain, try to disable the Rocket Loader.

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